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a slow burn...

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27.09.2020 16:43

… they‘d just stopped trying new things
there‘s no letting themselves be
spontaneous + free – let
alone together – so
they‘d end up following some
rigid + predictable
pattern, which kept them both from
feeling fulfilled + truly
satisfied with things, while the
fact that they had always been
lacking open +really
deep communication ‘bout
not only that but things in general,
for fear that they might just get
angry at each other or
would roll their eyes + treat
each other‘s honesty with
dismissiveness, sarcasm
or other behaviors that
might drive a wedge between them
+ would be fostering even
more dishonesty, fear or
secrecy, always feeling
tempted to lie (no matter
how small or well-intentioned
those lies might have been at first,
nagging + criticizing
each other - instead of be‘ng
open + direct about
their respective wants + needs -
by backhanded compliments,
resenting each other while
keeping up bottling up
their negative emotions)
to just keep the peace, keeping
fights from breaking out, running
away from them, thus never
resolving any issues,
+ even worse, blocking all
chances of emotional
intimacy, just drifting
further + further apart,
had sadly resulted in
neither of them seemingly
even, well, interested in
keeping that romantic spark
alive + neither of them
truly showing any kind
of affection anymore...


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