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23.09.2020 03:39

… soldiering on with just, like,
whatever‘d been left to do
+ having been stuck in some
of those ruminative sort
of thought loops, just to make sense
of all that had happened to
him, for what felt like decades -
with no sign of it ever
stopping again in sight - he‘s
just so done with pretending,
with keeping his head up +
dreaming + hoping in vain
(feeling devalued + weak,
while craving for attention,
far more meaning + purpose -
so fed up with the fact that
it seemed like he‘d never have
anything going for him),
desperately trying to get
just from hour to hour,
until he actually found
some relief for a change:

He‘d be recalibrating
creating new + highly
astonishingly complex
vivid, surprising soundscapes

Having taken initial
influence from a mix of
some pieces majorly, well,
rather considered to be
far noisier, darker stuff
than what the majority
of people would be into -
augmented by effects of
his own invention
indulged in excesses of
cryptic pronunciation -
he‘d soon turn to a new way
of fusing vastly different
elements, previously
thought of as being simply
incompatible, in a
free + passionate manner
very view artists had dared
to work in (mostly due to
preconceived ideas), … + things
- one might be tempted to say
strangely, ‘cause admittedly
nearly miraculously -
would start to look up for him,
would just start to have deeper,
constantly satisfying,
meaning to him, which, in turn
would make him more productive,
assertive, mindful,
+ magnanimous each day…


Thema abonnieren antworten


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