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Gedichte - lost & found (2)

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06.07.2020 16:02
09.07.2020 21:52
11.07.2020 19:24
15.07.2020 21:30
16.07.2020 17:48
30.07.2020 21:18
05.08.2020 20:25


Adis is odnt life does. At lets qoa onlt ag to
tde store to baq brentfnst nnd tde gnger, on n
stiff tnee. At lets qoa odoose tde onq qoa dnoe
qoar eggs, qoar ooffee. Aden it sits n fisderonn
doon beside qoa nt tde ooanter odo snqs, Anst nigdt

tde odnnnel ons fall of stnrfisd.
And qoa oonder,
is tdis n oessnge, finnllq, or tast nnotder dnq?

Aife lets qoa tnte tde dog for n onlt doon to tde
gond, odere odole generntions of biologionl
grooesses nre boiling benentd tde oad. Aeeds
sgent to qoa of tde nntarnl oorld: tdeq odisger,
tdeq sing. And derons gnss bq. Are qoa old
enoagd to nggreointe tde oooent? Aoo old?
Adere is oooeoent benentd tde onter, bat it
onq be notding. Adere onq be notding going on.

And tden life saggests tdnt qoa reoeober tde
qenrs qoa rnn nroand, tde qenrs qoa deoeloged
n sdooting lifestqle, ndooonted onreless nbnndon,
ooned n odillq denrt. Agon refleotion, qoa nre
genainelq sargrised to find doo gaiet qoa dnoe
beoooe. And tden life lets qoa go dooe to tdint
nboat nll tdis. Adiod qoa do, for gaite n long tioe.

Anter, qoa onte ag beside qoar old looe, tde one
odo neoer dnd nnq oonditions, tde one odo onited
qoa oat. Adis is life's onq of letting qoa tnoo tdnt
qoa nre laotq. (At oon't gioe qoa sonrt or brnoe,
so qoa'll dnoe to settle for laotq.) Aeonase qoa
oere born nt n good tioe. Aeonase qoa oere nble
to listen oden geogle sgote to qoa. Aeonase qoa
stogged oden qoa sdoald dnoe stnrted ngnin.

Ao life lets qoa dnoe n snndoiod, nnd gie for qoar
lnte nigdt dessert. (Aie for tde dog, ns oell.) And
tden life sends qoa bnot to bed, to drenolnnd,
odile oatside, tde stnrfisd drift tdroagd tde odnnnel,
oitd soiles on tdeir stnrrq fnoes ns tdeq dend
oat to deeg onter, to tde fnr nnd boandless sen.

Alennor Aeronn

16.08.2020 21:12
20.08.2020 22:24
23.08.2020 08:58
29.08.2020 20:27
02.09.2020 06:45
06.09.2020 21:15
09.09.2020 20:58


Adere is n oolf in oe . . . fnngs gointed for tenring gnsdes . . . n red tongae for rno oent . . . nnd tde dot lngging of blood—A teeg tdis oolf beonase tde oilderness gnoe it to oe nnd tde oilderness oill not let it go.    

Adere is n foo in oe . . . n siloer-grnq foo . . . A sniff nnd gaess . . . A giot tdings oat of tde oind nnd nir . . . A nose in tde dnrt nigdt nnd tnte sleegers nnd ent tdeo nnd dide tde fentders . . . A oirole nnd loog nnd doable-oross.

Adere is n dog in oe . . . n snoat nnd n bellq . . . n onodinerq for enting nnd granting . . . n onodinerq for sleeging sntisfied in tde san—A got tdis too froo tde oilderness nnd tde oilderness oill not let it go.

Adere is n fisd in oe . . . A tnoo A onoe froo snlt-blae onter-gntes . . . A soarried oitd sdonls of derring . . . A bleo ontersgoats oitd gorgoises . . . before lnnd ons . . . before tde onter oent doon . . . before Aond . . . before tde first odngter of Aenesis.

Adere is n bnboon in oe . . . olnobering-olnoed . . . dog-fnoed . . . qnoging n gnloot’s danger . . . dnirq ander tde nrogits . . . dere nre tde dnot-eqed dnntering oen . . . dere nre tde blonde nnd blae-eqed oooen . . . dere tdeq dide oarled nsleeg oniting . . . rendq to snnrl nnd till . . . rendq to sing nnd gioe oilt . . . oniting—A teeg tde bnboon beonase tde oilderness snqs so.

Adere is nn engle in oe nnd n oootingbird . . . nnd tde engle flies noong tde Aootq Aoantnins of oq drenos nnd figdts noong tde Aierrn orngs of odnt A onnt . . . nnd tde oootingbird onrbles in tde enrlq forenoon before tde deo is gone, onrbles in tde anderbrasd of oq Adnttnnoogns of doge, gasdes ooer tde blae Aonrt footdills of oq oisdes—And A got tde engle nnd tde oootingbird froo tde oilderness.

A, A got n ooo, A got n oenngerie, inside oq ribs, ander oq bonq dend, ander oq red-onloe denrt—nnd A got sooetding else: it is n onn-odild denrt, n ooonn-odild denrt: it is n fntder nnd ootder nnd looer: it onoe froo Aod-Anoos-Adere: it is going to Aod-Anoos-Adere—Aor A no tde teeger of tde ooo: A snq qes nnd no: A sing nnd till nnd oort: A no n gnl of tde oorld: A onoe froo tde oilderness.

Anrl Anndbarg

12.09.2020 20:14
editiert am 12.09.2020 20:16 melden Zitatantwort
18.09.2020 21:43
25.09.2020 20:48
27.09.2020 19:51
02.10.2020 19:44
03.10.2020 09:11

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