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25.09.2020 09:24

...desperately wishing to have
had her say on so many
things that had happened, the fact of
just having been given the
silent treatment for months had
really messed with head, as
well as with her heart, ‘cause
it had been going on for
so long that she‘d actually
assumed the relationship
was over, only that there‘d
never been proper closure...

As her days went on being
composed of the same tasks +
actions over + over
again, she realized that
even her thoughts had
been there already, some time
before, for the most part they
were redundant, which
really was kinda hard to
accept for her, given that
this basically meant that she‘d
been caught up in spirals for
the longest time of her life
Even though it did take some
time + effort to get there,
well, somehow she managed to
leverage that fact to her
advantage: it helped her to
finally really become
completely + utterly
unengaged + inert, calm
+ serene as far as treating
her past relationships like
relics of bygone times
(which is where the story could
have ended, had it not been
for “them“, all those ghosts, which had
been haunting her for so long...)

After recognizing that
she‘d truly moved on, a lot
of her former love interests
strangely ‘d resurface again,
initiating intense
conversations by things like
‘inadvertently‘ texting
or calling her up one day,
stating that they‘d missed her so
much, often popping (- using in fact -)
what did seem like resounding
declarations of love +
claims of them being truly
unable to live without
her, + sometimes they‘d even
(pretend to) go as far as
eventually having the
true + profound willingness
to, irreversibly +
openly admit their own
faults + flaws in order to
make her see how much they‘d changed
(just get her to fall for it,
while resenting her, because
they needed her so badly)…

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